I am sort of looking for "consumer" type stuff - i.e. I don't want to take
out a mortgage to buy this - it  is really for infrequent casual use. Any
idea what the turntable costs? I appreciate you help - thanks.

Jim Lindner

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When you say good isolation, it made me think of the SOTA Sapphire.  One of
the best suspensions ever devised.  Instead of compressing springs, the
sub-chassis is suspended from above by leaf springs (please see their site
for a MUCH better explanation).  It keeps the chassis from making funny
gyrations like most sprung turntables (like the AR-XA, which was always
moving around during play).
The Sapphire is a fantastic sounding table as well.  Match it with a Rega
RB300 and a high output moving coil like the Sumiko Blue Point Special
(moving coils are less prone to hum and are not affected by cable
capacitance like moving magnets--which means you can have a longer run of
wire between table and preamp).
good luck
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>I would like to get a turntable for personal use - not for restoration,
> to play back some of my personal collection of LP's for personal
> listening.
> No transcription disks or anything fancy - just for home use, no "DJ
> Scratching" - just playing some old disks in reasonably good condition.
> I want something that has good isolation, that may be the most important
> issue where my turntable is located. People will walk on the floor
> nearby -
> it is unavoidable. Nothing huge - it has to fit on a normal "entertainment
> center" shelf.