Hi, Jim,

There is DJ basic turntable and arm marketed under a variety of names, some
with an added bell or whistle.  They are pretty sturdy.  Newmark and  Audio
Technica are two of the names.

They play at the three basic speeds, are variable 10%, some 20%, and do a
fine basic job.  To play 78, you push the 33 and 45 button simultaneously.
I have one my visiting customers use to try out records they are considering

They cost $ 200-250 new in the original box.  Look on ebay.  Type in
"turntable 33 78."  There are 8 pages of them.  Scroll down.  There is an
Audio Techica, "buy it now," for $ 219 plus shipping on page 1.  I didn't
check past this.  You'll have to obtain a 78 cartridge and stylus.


Steve Smolian

Unlerss it
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>I am sort of looking for "consumer" type stuff - i.e. I don't want to take
> out a mortgage to buy this - it  is really for infrequent casual use. Any
> idea what the turntable costs? I appreciate you help - thanks.
> jim
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> When you say good isolation, it made me think of the SOTA Sapphire.  One
> of
> the best suspensions ever devised.  Instead of compressing springs, the
> sub-chassis is suspended from above by leaf springs (please see their site
> for a MUCH better explanation).  It keeps the chassis from making funny
> gyrations like most sprung turntables (like the AR-XA, which was always
> moving around during play).
> The Sapphire is a fantastic sounding table as well.  Match it with a Rega
> RB300 and a high output moving coil like the Sumiko Blue Point Special
> (moving coils are less prone to hum and are not affected by cable
> capacitance like moving magnets--which means you can have a longer run of
> wire between table and preamp).
> good luck
> Phillip
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>>I would like to get a turntable for personal use - not for restoration,
>> to play back some of my personal collection of LP's for personal
>> listening.
>> No transcription disks or anything fancy - just for home use, no "DJ
>> Scratching" - just playing some old disks in reasonably good condition.
>> I want something that has good isolation, that may be the most important
>> issue where my turntable is located. People will walk on the floor
>> nearby -
>> it is unavoidable. Nothing huge - it has to fit on a normal
>> "entertainment
>> center" shelf.
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