The boss has approved the purchase of a file storage server and I'm
looking for recommendations.  Don't want to build it so much as buy it
from a manufacturer (e.g. Dell).  It's for storage of (rather than
access to) audio and image files.

Last time I asked this question of the list I was trying to assemble
something using chewing gum, twine and soda cans, now I'm allowed to get
the big-kid version.


Hardware RAID 5, no less than 2 TB total storage capacity (ideally with
room for further growth), non-proprietary drives (SATA just fine).
FireWire input would be nice, but not necessary.

Will be stored in a air conditioned room that has been turned over for
this purpose, so noise isn't an issue.  Files will be accessed via
network.  Right now thinking Windows 2003 Server, although Linux is an
option too.

Looking at a max of probably $7,000, although should this turn out to be
impossible that figure can possibly increase.

Dell? EMC? Other thoughts?



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