Well - someone had to say it....
Tape Baking is a patented process. There was an in depth discussion on this
aspect of things on the Arsc list a while ago. It might be a good idea to
review it so you understand the risks you are taking.

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>1- VERY  IMPORTANT !!- Put the tape on a metal reel.   When
>transferring the tape to the metal reel, don't allow it to rub against
>guides or heads in the tape machine as it will cause the sticky shead to
>build up in clumps randomly on the tape, and make it all but impossible
>to remove. Wind the tape loosely on the reel.   Reels should be evenly
>spaced with an empty reel between each full one.

FAR more important than this is that you must use something OTHER than your
gas kitchen oven.  The heat needs to be dry heat and gas heat produces
water vapor. NOT good.  An electric oven may work, but you need to have
perfect temp control.  That 130 degrees F temp is borderline melting point.
I've used 120-125, testing with the most accurate thermometers I could get
my hands on. Check over a period of time as the oven will naturally cool
and need the heating element to come on again which can sometimes cause the
temp to shoot over the 130 degree point. At that point tape starts to curl
and is ruined.

>Not all sticky shead  responds to this - in  the many dozen which I've
>successfully treated this way , there have been on or two which wouldn't
>clean up. Even with several bakings and with extended times.

If the tape didn't respond to baking, then it wasn't sticky shed that was
the problem.

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