Check the history of the Kalmus orchestra parts with the Music Divisioon- or
Joe Boonin, on the MLA list.  I'm sending him a copy as well.

Joe- this relates to the recapture of copyrights for music, not just

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>I believe that the way "It's a Wonderful Life" was returned to copyrighted
>status was through the music cues.
> (Totally overrated movie, by the puts me to sleep when it doesn't
> make me throw up, so now I don't have to be inundated with cheap versions
> of it at every turn.)
> dl
> James L Wolf wrote:
>> If Jeff and dl are right, then the ONLY copyrightable element is that
>> stereo mix. Not the cartoons and not the original soundtracks. Those
>> weasels try to be tricky. But, if the cartoons really fell into the
>> Public Domain, anybody has the same right to manipulate the original
>> cartoons and/or soundtracks in any way they want, even to issue
>> competeing DVDs if they can find the sources.
>> Steve mentioned some copyrights being retrieved, but that was in Europe.
>> I've never heard of a legitamate PD item being retrieved/recaptured in
>> the US.
>> My opinions only, not official LOC, blah blah blah.
>> James
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>> Jeff Willens wrote:
>> >         Hope this doesn't sound TOO strange, but didn't Warner Bros.
>> > let several of their Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies cartoons lapse into
>> > public domain? And didn't they re-copyright them all in the 90s?
>> > Notice how you don't see them on cheapo videotapes and DVDs anymore, or
>> > running on independent TV stations as they did in the 70s. I seem to
>> > remember at the end of the re-copyrighted versions (the ones on their
>> > new DVDs), there's a notice that says something like "Dubbed Version c.
>> > 1995 Warner Brothers". Would these just pertain to the films being
>> > remastered and the remaster itself being copyrighted?
>> Could this refer to a new audio mix? Seems to me that if a soundtrack is
>> now in stereo, that would definitely constitute a new copyrightable
>> element. (Speaking of which, MGM's "Band Wagon" sounds fantastic on the
>> new DVD, and all the numbers are in well-balanced new stereo.)
>> dl
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