To make the test more accessible - and cost always being a factor - I
used the standard Steinberg DeClicker algorithm that is found in
Wavelab.  I can do more with the fancier algorithms, but I think
the Steinberg DeClicker represents a solid DeClicker that is well
within the reach of most audio restoration engineers.

Eric Jacobs
The Audio Archive

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At 02:05 PM 6/26/2005, Eric Jacobs wrote:

>To anyone who can accept 2 MB of email attachments, I offer a collection
>of 4 MP3 files that compare:
>   - Shure M44-7 raw transfer
>   - Shure M44-7 declicked
>   - Ortofon SPU-GT raw transfer
>   - Ortofon SPU-GT declicked

Eric, I would like a set...but what de-click/de-crackle software are
we listening to?

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