Goran Fingerg:

> Dramatically different and Nearly the same just by going from a Shure
> M44 to an Ortofon MC cartridge??
> I beg to strongly differ since the actual phase response differences
> between these two cartridges would be small in practice so I would
> expect the wave forms to be almost the same.
> Having used the Shure 500 and the Ortofon MC 2000 MK II with a claimed
> frequency reponse to 60 kHz then I still see very little difference
> between the actual waveforms in my Sonic Solutions DAW whether I use
> 44.1 or 96 kHz sampling.

If I find some time, I'll make screen shots of the waveforms that come
from the M44-7 versus the SPU-GT.  They ARE very different in terms of
their high frequency content.

In a separate post I am offering to anyone interested a set of 4 MP3
files that show the difference in results.

Rather than discuss theory, let's share results!

Goran Finberg:

> This may or may not be true depending on the software used.

For the purposes of the test that I am sharing, I used the standard
Steinberg DeClicker algorithm found in Wavelab 5.  I also have more
sophisticated DeClicker and DAW software, but the Steinberg software
is an affordable and solid DeClicker that is easily accessible to
most audio restoration engineers, and no can say that fancy software
was used to get these results.

Eric Jacobs
The Audio Archive