Recently, I picked up a fully working circa 1939 Kodascope 16mm projector on e-Bay. I had some 16mm reels and I wanted to look at them.

I took a good look at the machine over the weekend and noticed the primary motor drive belt was flaking. Upon closer examination, I could see fibrous material that looked like woven cotton and immediately panicked: Asbestos!

I emailed Eastman Kodak to find out if they had any information in their corporate archives. I was given a polite "no" and given the age of the product, I should politely forget about it.
I wrote back and told them this was not acceptable. Since the company had not changed hands and the product was still in use by me, I feel an answer is in order. I requested that they direct me to the next level of management.

I've received no answer. Any suggestions?

RA Friedman, Archivist
Freedman Jewish Music Archive
University Of Pennsylvania

Webmaster, Yiddish-American Digital Archive
(Not affiliated with University of Pennsylvania)
Restored 78s in Real Audio

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