The issue is how to get Kodak to track down and convey the information. IMHO they have an ethical obligation.  I'm not looking for recompense.  The suspected asbestos part is not near the lamp and runs free, but the belt may have been reinforced with "The Miracle Mineral" for strength and durability.

Jeffrey J Martin <[log in to unmask]> wrote:Let me ask: What would you have done if the projector had caught fire? Would you have considered Kodak
responsible in that case? If it were brand new, the answer would have been obvious. But where does the user of
equipment that is so old need to start assuming some resonsibility of his/her own? I don't have an answer, but I
think that's the real question here.

Myself, I always assume that any device made before 1970 that has a heat source in it contains asbestos
somewhere inside, and proceed on that assumption. Now those old floor tiles I cavalierly ripped up....

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