Eric Jacobs wrote:

> As a rule of thumb, I do find that higher sampling rates
> of 88.2 kHz or more make a considerable difference when it
> comes to removing impulse noise on mechanical carriers
> (records with pops, clicks, and crackle).

I donīt know if I understand you correctly.

If I take at face value what you say above I get the impression that the
higher sampling frequency somehow magically will REMOVE impulse noise
from any source input to an ADC.

My experience, Weiss ADC MK2, Lavry engineering AD 122-96 MK III, DCS
904D, with a suitable DAC set up to alter the gain less than 0.05 dB,
complete AD-DA cycle, from the source input to the AD then what I input
I get back even at 44.1 kHz sampling frequency.

The concept that the sampling frequency will in practice remove part of
the input makes me feel that the equipment used by you must be somehow

If you wish to remove impulse noise I would still recommend the Sonic
Solutions NoNoise package that I feel, still after all these years 1994,
will do a most excellent job. Cedar is no better and in many cases worse
imo. Iīm thinking about Cedar for windows here. While Algorithmix are
very good too.

> However, do higher sampling rates help remove broadband
> noise on magnetic media?

Certainly not.


Goran Finnberg
The Mastering Room AB

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