Goran Finnberg wrote:

> But in a sense youre correct insofar that Cedar has a lot of problems
> with trumpets as it mistakes them from clicks.
> Im speaking about Cedar for Windows here.

In their flagship system "Cambridge" which I use, CEDAR has vastly improved on
the earlier de-click algorithm found in their series 2 stand alone boxes and in
their first computer based "Cedar for Windows" system.

In the past, trumpets (muted or not), trombones and some male voices (notably
Louis Armstrong) would tear badly if the process thresholds were set to

Using the new Cambridge process "de-clickle" (yes, a combination of de-click
and de-crackle), I am able to remove click problems that were previously
impossible without severely damaging the program content.

Note: Although CEDAR has a new stand alone box with de-clickle, it does not
perform to the depth that Cambridge does.

... Graham Newton

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