Eric Jacobs:

> The test results that
> I am offering show the difference between MM and MC.

Not necessarily so.

The two types of cartridges that we are speaking of M44 and SPU have
significantly different weight and stylus compliance so the arm
mass/cartridge compliance LF resonance will show greatly differing LF
resonance frequency and Q of resonance.

Unless controlled it will show itself as audible defects when trying to
do a declick pass on the soundfile and here the M44 is at a disadvantage
compared to the greater mass and lower compliance of the SPU.

What happens is that at LF having a large subsonic component makes the
software produce artifacts that makes it sound as if there´s a worse end

Controlling the LF resonance in various ways to lower the Q and getting
the resonance frequency at say 10 to 15 Hz together with HP filtering
BEFORE doing the declick pass makes the end result almost identical in
my experience.


Goran Finnberg
The Mastering Room AB

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