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> 2/ This excess bandwith has nothing whatsoever to do with the click
> removal process that uses the audio before and after the actual
> click to resynthesise the audio in place of the actual click.

The Algorithmic declicker sometimes produce audible artifacts in its
latest incarnation.

This is due to the click detector algorithm being modified to be able to
detect two clicks in nearly the same vicinity.

But this enhancement has made the click detect process vulnerable to
detect something in the music as a click so when the interpolator does
its resynthesising thing you get an artifact instead since what was
there was in fact not a click.

Despite this it works really well on most music.

Sonic Solutions realizing the possibility of this absolutely refuses to
process a click in vicinity of another click thatīs been removed thus
avoiding this artifact possibility.

The production declicker, after being correctly set, is in most cases
heard, almost problem free artifact wise while needing to run in non
real time over the night.

Still one of the very best out there and a lot to set in the adjustments
department to get a problem free end result.

And this ability to adjust a lot of parameters is truly daunting for
many users and this capability means that itīs very easy to get
substandard results.


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