Eric Jacobs:

> If I find some time, I'll make screen shots of the waveforms
> that come from the M44-7 versus the SPU-GT.  They ARE very
> different in terms of their high frequency content.

I agree about that.

But dramatically different as you stated is plain wrong imo:

> When using a Shure M44-7 cartridge, the signal from a percussion
> instrument and the noise generated by a scratch or crack look
> nearly the same, so when removing the noise you end up also
> removing a little bit of signal.  This is because the M44-7
> does not generate supersonic (inaudible high frequency harmonics)
> that the moving coil transducers do.

If you bandwith limit the two types of transducers to 20 kHz brickwall
then they´re almost alike in this regard.

So I agree with the ability of the SPU to spit out above 20 kHz

This may or may not mean a thing for the click detect process.


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