Eric Jacobs:

> Exactly - this is what I've been proposing all along!

Yes, but my argument has to do with how the click detect algorithm
works. It all depends on how it detects the clicks and since there are
many different schemes out there it may not mean a thing.

I was just talking to a colleague, Stefan Lindstrom SSR AB. Hes just
finished the 6th volume of Jussi Bjorling 78 transfers for Naxos.

Stefan Lindstrom is a very old friend since 30 years back and hes got
almost anything ever made in the restoration buisness at his place some
130 kilometers from where I sit.

Hes also as fond of the Sonic Solutions NoNoise system as is I.

He claims that Ulrich of Algorithmix in personal communication feels
that the above 20 kHz information isnt needed by the Algorithmic

Instead he, Ulrich, feels that the garbage above 20 kHz may cause more
problems for the wanted audio than getting rid of it as early as
possible by the 20 kHz brickwall at 44.1 kHz sampling.


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