Goran Finberg:

> I was just talking to a colleague, Stefan Lindstrom SSR AB. Hes just
> finished the 6th volume of Jussi Bjorling 78 transfers for Naxos.
> Stefan Lindstrom is a very old friend since 30 years back and hes got
> almost anything ever made in the restoration buisness at his place some
> 130 kilometers from where I sit.
> Hes also as fond of the Sonic Solutions NoNoise system as is I.

What combination of cartridge/tonearm/turntable does Stefan Lindstrom use
for his transfers?

> He claims that Ulrich of Algorithmix in personal communication feels
> that the above 20 kHz information isnt needed by the Algorithmic
> declicker.
> Instead he, Ulrich, feels that the garbage above 20 kHz may cause more
> problems for the wanted audio than getting rid of it as early as
> possible by the 20 kHz brickwall at 44.1 kHz sampling.

Perhaps the higher frequency information is not used nor is beneficial
for Sonic Solutions NoNoise and Algorithmix.  But that doesn't mean
that this is true for all denoising algorithms and all process chains,
now or in the future.  The implication seems to be that because
Agorithmix and NoNoise do not benefit from frequencies greater than
20 kHz, there is no point in working at higher sample rates.

I have tests that show that the higher frequency information and the
properties of an MC do make a difference to noise detection/removal
in my system, and am offering to share my tests with anyone interested
and who can accept a 2MB email attachment.  I can't think of a more
productive means of having this discussion than to share A-B tests
and discuss those.

Eric Jacobs
The Audio Archive