In our organisation we have some experience of CD analysis, but are now
moving into DVD, a whole new game. We're considering the Clover Systems
DVX optical disc tester. Does anyone have any experience of, or opinions
on this? See It's a lot
cheaper than other DVD analysing kit - what's missing? Measurements
include BLER, E11 to E32, PI, PIF, PO, POF, Beta, Jitter, focus and
tracking. Can list members comment on any other analysis equipment?

The DVX seems to be based on the CDX tester from the same company, so
opinions on that would be welcome too. We have an older Clover machine
here, the QA-201, which we've had reservations about, not least that pit
geometry measurements need to be made manually with an oscilloscope.
Otherwise it's been useful.  



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