Dear All,
    If I may, I should like to post the following comment. For many
years I have been entering matrix-numbers versus recording-dates into a
database, so they can be sorted. The information has been trawled from
some hundreds of published discographies, and I should like to
acknowledge writers for the insights they've given me (even if they
weren't intended)! Not the least of which is when it becomes unreliable
to date a record from its matrix number (and its "take" number), usually
when stuff was mastered on tape first.
   And if anyone needs access to my discoveries, please feel free to
contact me offline at :
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  According to a Victor list prepared some years ago by Alan Avrutis, a
of which was sent to me by Mike Gray, the Lanza dates are:

  Lygia  - January 21, 1952
  Temptation  -  January 7, 1952

  I want to add that after years of collecting, belonging to ARSC, and
knowing some of you, I finally overcame my usual inertia and joined this
list. I'm glad I have and wish I'd done it much sooner. I've already
learned a good deal from reading the posts. Best wishes to all.

Don Tait

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