Here's one item for your arsenal: there are excellent peices of software written, or sometimes optimized, for MacOS. Digital Performer and other MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn) products are a good example. Most A/V/MIDI software that run on PC's also run on MacOS - I've never seen a software title become popular unless it is MacOS compatible. 

Damien J. Moody
Information Technology Services
Library of Congress
>>> Klara Foeller <[log in to unmask]> 06/17/05 10:55 AM >>>
Dear Colleagues -

I'm at war with my supervisor on the subject of Macs vs. PCs when it
comes to digitizing analog audio & video.  He has a bias against Mac,
while all my periodical & on-line research, plus many consultations with
colleagues in media archiving, broadcasting and production, clearly
indicates that Mac is the strongly preferred system.

Please send ammunition.  Especially if you can quantify in $$$ and/or
lost productivity.  All apocryphal stories welcome.

Klara Foeller,
Curator, Moving Image & Sound Collections
Missouri Historical Society
314 746-4513