At 12:57 PM 6/25/2005, Goran Finnberg wrote:

>BTW, thereīs a fallacy in what you state Richard.
>Most cartridges used acts as LP filters with an electrical cutoff no
>higher than 20 kHz, MM cartridges, and those that have a wider
>electrical response, MC cartridges, have in most cases seen a mechanical
>cutoff at close to 20 kHz which MM cartridges have too.

I've gotten into this discussion with Larry 
Miller on the Ampex mailing list, and I think 
there was a compromise. I have Stanton MM 
cartridges (and an Ortofon MM somewhere).

So how did the RCA CD4 quad system work? (I know, 
not very well which was one of the reasons it went kerphlop)

I also think that some/many of the people making 
this claim are doing flat transfers and then 
digitally applying the proper (RIAA-or other) EQ.

I do see energy above 20kHz on some early 1970s 
tapes of carousel-type band organs when their 
little shrill bells go off. Eric has done the 
work on discs, not me. I'll let you and Eric discuss this in more detail.



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