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The final version of The Report on the Meeting of Experts on Digital
Preservation: Metadata Specifications is now available on GPO Access


GPO is working with the library community and others in the
information community on a national digitization plan, with the goal
of digitizing a complete legacy collection of tangible U.S. Government
publications. The objective is to ensure that the digital collection
is available, in the public domain, for no-fee permanent public access
through the FDLP.

The project will ensure that the collection is digitally reformatted
for preservation purposes. The digital preservation masters and the
associated metadata will be preserved in the GPO electronic archive
(in addition to any other places that the materials might be held),
and there will be no-fee public access to the content through
derivative files on GPO Access.

The Report on the Meeting of Experts on Digital Preservation: Metadata
Specifications, which is located at, is a summary of
the second of two meetings held to assist GPO in developing
specifications for the digitization project. This meeting, focusing on
descriptive and preservation metadata, was held at GPO in June 2004. A
summary of the overall discussion of the experts and the necessary
resources for the metadata package submission are included in the
report. Also included is a listing of metadata elements that is not
meant to be viewed as a final list of required metadata elements, but
a list of metadata elements, based on this discussion and the
recommended readings as put forth in the meeting. It provides a common
set of elements from which to build for digitization project. For
information on The Report of the Meeting of Experts on Digital
Preservation: Digital Preservation Masters, held March 2004, go to

Please visit for more
information on GPO's digitization and preservation initiatives.