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As discussed at the past two FDLP conferences, the Future Digital
System (FDsys) currently under development by GPO will be a
world-class information life-cycle management system that will
transform GPO into a leadership content management agency. The system
will be designed to accept, organize, manage and output authenticated
content for any use or purpose and to preserve the content independent
of specific hardware or software. For more information, please visit
the Office of Innovation and New Technology's website at

Three documents regarding the FDsys are now electronically available
in PDF format:
* FDsys Requirements Document v1.0
* FDsys Concept of Operations v2.0
* FDsys Phase 3 Summary

The Requirements Document (RD) defines preliminary requirements for
the FDsys. These requirements will be refined and shaped based on
feedback from user, technical, and vendor communities. RD version 1.0
is available at

The initial FDsys Concept of Operations (ConOps) document was released
in October 2004. ConOps documents are designed to describe the
high-level user requirements of a system, as well as general system
capabilities. In order to remain consistent with the FDsys
Requirements Document, the FDsys ConOps has been updated to version
2.0 and is available at

Completing the initial RD fulfilled Phase 3 of the FDsys project. An
executive summary of Phase 3 is available at This document
also outlines the activities required for future phases of the FDsys

Questions and comments are highly encouraged and should be submitted
to the Office of Innovation and New Technology at [log in to unmask] by July
2, 2005.