The proposed FLICC/FEDLINK budget for FY2005 is ready for review and comment for both FLICC and FEDLINK members:

FLICC members also vote to approve or reject the proposed budget.  We would like to thank those who already voted at the FLICC Quarterly Membership Meeting.

After reviewing the proposal, please fax all comments and ballots to FLICC no later than July 19, 2005.  Send faxes to FEDLINK, Attn: Lynn McDonald (202) 707-4828.

If you would like to discuss the budget with the Chair of the FAC or the Chair of the Budget and Finance Working Group, please feel free to contact them directly:

Paula Vincent, FAC Chair
Executive Office of the President
Library and Research Services Division
Tel. 202-395-9084
email: [log in to unmask] 

Carol J. Bursik, Budget and Finance WG Chair 
Asst. Dir. for Access and Organization 
Department of Justice Libraries 
Tel. 202-514-5102 
email: [log in to unmask]