This looks wonderful. Very useful. Since it duplicates the information on
the ISO 639-2 site (and adds a lot more) at some point in the future it
might make sense to think about having only one place to go. Having a
database behind it is surely more efficient than hand correcting as we
do. We can have this discussion later after part 3 is approved and we get
a sense of how the standards will work together. We'll need to think about
the implications but will want to consider this later on.


On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Peter Constable wrote:

> A preview of the Web site for ISO 639-3 is now publicly available at
> -- the site is live, but there are not yet
> pointers to it from anywhere else. (Note: since ISO 639-3 is not yet
> finished, it would be premature to publish this URL too widely.)
> Consider the quality level for the site as draft. In particular, some of
> the text was quickly prepared by copying and combining blocks of text
> from other sources, and needs some revision to really make it suitable
> for this presentation. The focus in preparing the site up to now has
> been in identifying the pages that would be needed, preparing
> downloadable files and getting the page for displaying the code tables
> and supporting documentation working (all database driven).
> Please take a look and let me or Gary know if you have any comments.
> Peter Constable