At 17:17 -0400 2005-06-29, Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:
>1. Serbo-Croatian I still don't feel like I understand the rationale for
>wanting to include this in 639-2 other than the fact that it's in 639-1.
>But I'm still not clear how it got in there, since we voted at our ISO JAC
>meeting in 2000 to deprecate "sh".

Well, I am sure that was a mistake, even if that was what was
decided. "Serbocroatian" is an entity and as I have said there are
materials which are ambiguous as to language, or which are marked
clearly "Serbocroatian" or "srpskohrvatski".

>That is what is reflected on the change list. Noone seems to have
>clarified whether the inclusion in 639-1 was intentional or an
>error. Until I understand that better it is hard to make a decision.
>Isn't the language name objectionable to Serbs and Croats?

It is a historical fact and many objects in libraries can't be called
anything else.

>And if it is a macrolanguage that also includes Bosnian isn't there a
>better name for it?

It is, and there isn't.

>That is, if indeed we want to include it, since I am reluctant to
>reinstate something that had broad consensus to deprecate.

I think it is a valid tag.
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