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Behalf Of John
> Clews

> Indeed I know all this. But the situation is rather like the Bosanski
> language at the beginning, and it has official status, and it will
> continue to have oficial status.

I knew that Ullans had been given status as a recognized minority
language under the terms of the relevant EU policy (I forget the details
at the moment). But is it contrasted with Lallans either linguistictly
or in terms of official status?

> could be equally applied to Scots (Lowland Scots, or Lallans) which
> have a code in ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2.

Well, this is the question: does "sco" denote just Lallans, or both
Lallans and Ullans? For purposes of development of 639-3, I have thus
far assumed "sco" encompasses both -- that this is a dialect
distinction, not a language distinction. (That's the current analysis in
Ethnologue and Linguasphere.)

> NB - JAC: Please give consideration to this for an ISO 639-2 tag.
> NB - JAC: Please also give consideration to this for an ISO 639-3 tag.

I think I would need further information demonstrating a need for
contrast between Ullans and other Scots varieties.

Peter Constable