My apologies. I gave incorrect information,. My colleague is Karen Simm,
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We would be happy for you to contact us if you wish to change a heading
contributed by the National Library of Australia.

You can either contact me ([log in to unmask]) or my colleague Karen
Sim ([log in to unmask])


Margaret Kennedy

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Have you registered for the Kinetica Annual Users' Meeting?

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Subject: Re: [PCCLIST] National Library of Australia and NACO

Are any special procedures required before changing a 1XX field on a
with an 042 of "anuc" similar to what we must do for the British
If so, who are our contacts in Australia?

Am I correct in assuming it is OK to add $a pcc to an existing 042 of $a

Diane Boehr
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The National Library of Australia is processing authority records from
contributing libraries as well as its own. They ftp the records to LC.
We do
further checking and then distribute the records with the CDS workflow.

The records will be identifiable by

      agency code in MARC 040 $a AUCNL
      MARC 008  39 is blank
      code anuc in MARC 042


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What mechanism will the National Library of Australia use to contribute
NACO?  Does this news mean that NLA plans to become a NACO node like the
British Library or will they contribute via one of the existing sites?

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