I'd like to get the opinions of this group about versioning the PREMIS

I think we need to think about how we will version the PREMIS schemas
considering that there will clearly be revisions. Currently the namespace

There seem to be different ways of doing it. One is to use the generic
namespace ( in any version of the
schema and then have separate locations for each version

Another is to declare the version number as part of the namespace:

A third is to use the namespace as it is now for the first version and
have versioning for subsequent versions. That is, the first version
remains but the next one would be
something like

I think it is useful to always have the current version in the generic
namespace, so I don't think the last option is the best idea.

To take METS as an example, in all different versions of the METS schema
each one uses without a version number. But their
actual locations include the version number in a directory. And it seems
that the current schema exists both at the location with the version
number and another copy in the generic location (since it's the current).

Other schemas use the approach where the versioning is part of the
namespace. They may also have the generic form always resolve to the
current version.

A separate issue is that in this first version of the PREMIS schemas we
used "" but we could have used the
simpler "" because it's an alias.

So the question for you all is
1) would it be disruptive for anyone if we changed it now? We would assume
that people are just beginning to implement.
2) which approach serves us best?
3) while we're at it, should we bother dropping the /standards from the

Best to make any change right away before people start implementing.