Welcome subscribers to the PREMIS Implementers' Group (PIG) list!


The PIG list is a discussion forum for anyone interested in the PREMIS
Data Dictionary 1.0 and in particular, implementation of the Data
Dictionary in digital archiving systems. Please feel free to post any
comments or questions you might have on these topics to the list. We
will initiate some discussion threads soon to get a dialog rolling, but
of course feel free to start your own thread anytime.


We'd like to make you aware of other PREMIS resources in addition to
this discussion list:


PREMIS Maintenance Activity Web site:

This is the future Web home of the PREMIS Maintenance Activity, once it
is organized. The PREMIS XML schemas are already located here.


PREMIS Working Group Web site:

All of the PREMIS Working Group's final products, including the survey
report and the Data Dictionary, can be downloaded here. 


PIG-Pen: PREMIS Implementers' Group Wiki:

A wiki for use by the PREMIS Implementers' Group. It requires

User name: linus

Password: lucy

Access to the wiki is limited to PIG list subscribers only. Obviously
this is not a water-tight restriction, but we'd appreciate it if you
would not share the authorization information any more than is
necessary. The wiki is up and available, but is dormant for the time
being until we get underway and develop a plan for its use. More
information on this to follow.


Some clarification of who "we" are: for the time being, the Data
Dictionary and related activities will be managed by Priscilla Caplan of
FCLA and Rebecca Guenther of LC (former co-chairs of the working group
that produced the Data Dictionary), as well as Brian Lavoie of OCLC and
Robin Dale of RLG (former liaisons to the working group from the
sponsoring organizations). We are currently working on organizing a
formal PREMIS maintenance activity, which will be open to any
institution willing to participate in the maintenance and future
revisions of the Data Dictionary. We will release details to this list


Preservation metadata is a key component of effective digital
preservation strategies. We hope that the PREMIS Data Dictionary, and
future work based on the Data Dictionary, will contribute toward a
shared understanding of how metadata can be created, managed, and used
in support of digital preservation.



Priscilla, Rebecca, Brian, and Robin