> As far as I can tell from the documentation and from searching this thread
> there is no preferred/recommended/allowed method of asking a server to
> search more than one target database. Obviously with "real" SEs this is not
> a problem as they only have one database (well, the vast majority of them),
> but for SRU/W to be used to connect TO an MSE it is obviously a bit of a
> problem. From the MSE to the SEs is no problem.

That is all correct.  The SRW model is that different databases are at
different end points.  As opposed to OAI and Z39.50, where you can access
different databases or record sets from one location.

An extension 'x-databases' extension could work, or by putting the
database names or identifiers into the URL for the service.


     srw.cgi?...x-databases=a b c d



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