> Do you suggest I implement a spelling correction function against an
> SRU interface through the x- feature or through a separate Web Service?
> In other words, 2 x- || ! 2 x-, that is the question.  :-)

I think that's entirely up to your implementation.

My suggestion, which you're more than free to ignore, is the following:

* If the service relates directly to the data in the SRW service, then
make it an extension.  To have a separate service that makes use of the
same data in the context of IR seems a waste of effort.

* If the service could be used in conjunction with services other than
just the one SRW/U instance, then make it a new web service or operation.

To apply it to your example:

1.  Web service:  The web service offers suggestions or synonyms to any
word, which may or may not be in the indexes for the SRW instance.

2.  Extension:  The extension allows the server to return suggestions
and/or synonyms, along with the number of hits they'll generate, to a zero
hits query.

Does that make sense?


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