At 11:56 AM 7/6/2005 -0230, Bev Lambert wrote:
>I am not a preservation scientist or even an knowledgeable audiophile, but
>an archives conservator charged with the task of researching best
>practises for digitization of magnetic media.  So, my question may seem
>naive: is it known whether CDs are laminated with an adhesive?  and if so,
>is it known which adhesive this is?  It seems to me that a different
>process. such as heat or pressure lamination would be more appropriate?
>Bev Lambert, Archives Conservator
>Provincial Archives at The Rooms
>St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

I am not the expert here, but at least I'm quick to respond. <G>

CDs are not laminated at all. Commercial discs have the information pressed
into the polycarbonate, then the alumin(i)um is deposited, the top receives
an acrylic lacquer and optionally overcoating and printing are applied. A
CD-R has the dye in a layer of the polycarbonate which then holds the
information; the metal layer is uniform and the lacquer and optional
overcoating and printing are applied. A CD-RW is similar but the
information is held in the alloy layer (change of state).

There is no adhesive used in the process.

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