I can do all kinds of speed correction via software as well.  It's the
automatic process in which I'm interested.

Steve Smolian

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> Like Mike, I've used Audition and Cool Edit Pro to correct speed
> variations of tape dubs made from acetates, it's worked like a charm
> (but, as Mike pointed out, it's not necessarily an automatic process).
> Rod Stephens
> Family Theater Productions
> Mike Richter wrote:
>> Steven Smolian wrote:
>>> I'm aware there are programs to correct the pitch of pop singers,
>>> though my own solution might involve a bit more direct intervention-
>>> but I'm off topic already.
>>> Has anyone experience using such programs to correct speed drift on
>>> 78s, speed correction for chamber music recordings, say solo fiddle
>>> to string quartets, orchestral recordings, and on spoken word
>>> recordings- four distinct areas.
>>> Steve Smolian
>> I have used the sliding speed correction of Adobe Audition (and CoolEdit
>> Pro before that) to approximate speed on transcription discs of 1930s
>> Met broadcasts. More precisely, the work was on transfers of the discs,
>> not on the 'acetates' themselves.
>> The result in each case was used to determine only that the remaining
>> speed instability was too great (primarily, eccentric wow) to make
>> recovery feasible. The operation (sliding speed) was a success but the
>> patient died.
>> Mike
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