This is to the best of my knowledge, and hope it helps. 

The company that was re-issuing the Everest Classical on disc in the 1990s
was an Australian company called Omega, whereas the pop came through the
Welk Group, who for some reason also had the PDQ Bach product. Nonetheless,
Bernie Solomon retained some interest in Everest, as CD re-issues of
ex-Everest material from both pop and classical catalogues appeared variably
on CD through Bescol, Laserlight, Boston Skyline, DCC and possibly other
imprints. These were one off arrangements set up through Bernie, and I think
Bescol may even have been his company. Hard to say, as I could never get the
guy who sold them to me out of the back of his car to tell me where these
ultra-cheap products came from.     

Omega is no longer re-issuing Everest and may not even still be trading at
this point. Bernie Solomon passed away, and I believe that the company that
is now Artemis Records in New York purchased both Everest and Vanguard.
Bernie lived in Woodland Hills, and his tape vault suffered heavy damage in
the Northridge earthquake of 1994, so if your interest entails something
specific that Everest issued, the master tape may, or may not, still exist.

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   I've noticed recent releases from VI MUSIC and EMPIRE MUSIC WERKS
of LP's from TRADITION RECORDS (folk/blues), and EVEREST RECORDS (jazz
   For a while Tradition had been owned by RYKO, which issued them along
with titles from
the Everest Music Group catalogue.
   Does anyone know who these new labels are, do they work from master
tapes, and
will they be releasing any of the Everest Classical recordings?
  I believe the Everest classical material had been issued by company
which had
been releasing Vanguard Classics (not the Welk Group) - is that still
Best wishes, Thomas.