It sounds like you are using the eadpersonxm.xml template from the EAD2002 Cookbook (which, of course, is an EAD2002 document), but are still using an ead.rlx file created from EAD 1.0.  I believe the attributes and tags you mention were all new to EAD2002, so they won't validate against the rlx file from the earlier version of EAD.  The simple solution is to download the ead.rlx file for EAD2002 from the EAD2002 Cookbook and replace it in XMetaL's Rules folder.

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At 03:00 PM 7/20/2005, you wrote:
I am attempting to create an EAD finding aid using the eadpersonxm.xml template in XMetal.  When I attempt to view the document in Normal view, I get the following message:
Error:               Undefined attribute.  The attribute countyrencoding is not defined for eadheader.
The same message occurs for dateencoding, repositoryencoding, scriptencoding, countrycode, and mainagencycode.
I also get the following message:
Error:               Unknown tag name.  The tag name “langmaterial” is not defined. 
I believe I am using the ead.rlx rules.  Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?  Thanks, Marcus
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