Hello --

We're embarking on our first EAD retrospective conversion grant and we're
having some trouble coming up with figures for our budget. If any of your
institutions have had some experience with EAD retrospective conversion
budgets, we would really appreciate your response to a couple of questions.

1. What is a reasonable number of pages two trained (20 hr/wk) students
could  convert in a year's time?

2. If we are calculating cost per page in our budget -- how much should we
say each page is worth (i.e. this granting organization gives $1.00 per
MARC record and $10.00 for original cataloging)

I realize that these questions do not take into consideration such
variables as reprocessing and non-electronic conversions, but we need some
statistics to create a foundation for our calculations.

Thank you all for your help in advance,

Jessica Tanny

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