We haven't yet installed the new version of CONTENTdm, but at one of the recent CONTENTdm tutorials on the new version, I asked about the EAD elements that CONTENT dm will be able to import from an EAD finding aid into a CONTENTdm record. CONTENT will import 7 elements (not, in all cases, the ones I would have chosen):


Also, CONTENTdm will extract text from the XML tags in those seven EAD elements from *all* levels of a finding aid. If I understand this correctly, this means that every <title>, every <unittitle>, etc. will be extracted from the top and all c0x levels. Therefore, generic unit titles like "Correspondence," "Minutes," and so forth will be included in the extracted record created by CONTENTdm -- but not top-level <controlaccess> elements like <subject>, <occupation>, and <function>. Any book <title> cited in a finding aid (such as a title in a bibliography) will be extracted, but no <bioghist> or <scopecontent> information will be extracted, and no date or extent or repository or language info. Once those elements from your EAD file have been loaded to the CONTENTdm server, the record can be viewed in a Web browser, but you must supply your own XSLT stylesheet (customized for these seven elements). 

I'll be curious to see what a CONTENTdm record automatically derived from an EAD finding aid looks like, but given the elements selected (and not selected) for extraction, and given that they are extracted from every level of a finding aid, I'm skeptical that such a record would be as useful as it might be. Personally, I'd be more interested if CONTENTdm either allowed EAD elements to be selected by the archivist preparing the CONTENTdm record or automatically extracted a more useful set of elements. But it's best to get this info from Dimema: if you have access to the CONTENTdm User Support Center, more information is available there (search "EAD" in the Online Help section).

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  Our library is beginning to implement CONTENTdm, and we would love to take advantage of the search interface and use it as a delivery for native EAD files. Does anyone have any experience with this. The new release supposedly has native EAD support via an XSLT stylesheet. 

  Anyone out there using CONTENTdm? Anyone going to try to deliver EAD using it?

  Many thanks for any thoughts,

  Peter Verheyen


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