The U.S. Army Materiel Command (AMC) is actively recruiting for the position
of HQ AMC Technical Librarian, GS-1410-13. You will be responsible for
directing the HQ portion of the AMC Command program for technical libraries.
You will have the opportunity to help build the AMC virtual library system
and participate in a consortium of library professionals who are meeting the
Army's transformation goals for technical knowledge management and training
the future workforce.  It also provides the opportunity to play an important
role in the implementation of several new centralized technical library
initiatives such as inter-service virtual connectivity and the AMC "Best
Practices" program in which the HQ AMC Technical Library will act as the
information hub.   The members of the AMC Technical Libraries are the most
dedicated professionals anywhere in the world. You will be working with a
dynamic group as you support the efforts at a MACOM level to transform the
AMC Technical Library System into the pivotal information processing
organization for all of AMC and their customers.  This position is currently
located at Fort Belvoir, Virginia (tentative relocation to Redstone Arsenal,
Alabama under BRAC 05).   The complete job description is available in
FASCLASS at CPOL under job number AE 204756 (case sensitive).

The vacancy closes on 12 August 2005.  For information about applying, go to <>   and search for
Vacancy Announcement Number NEAE 05637325 (case sensitive) or Keyword:
Librarian under the Employment section.

M. Ann Parham, MLS
Army Librarian
ATTN:  DAPE-PTT, Hoffman II, Rm 8S41
200 Stovall Street
Alexandria, VA 22332
Voice (DSN 221) 703-325-8440
Fax (DSN 328) 703-428-1294

DALS: <>

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