FEDLINK member libraries are invited to attend a presentation by ebrary;
Friday, July 22nd, 10:00am - 11:30am.

FLICC/FEDLINK Training Room, Adams Bldg, Rm 216 Please call (202)707-4800 to register for this session.

Patrick Moore, Director of Government Sales, will present how ebrary
provides the content and technology that make the library research
experience richer and more productive.

ebrary's Database Product

Our Dynamic Content Platform (DCP)T integrates patent-pending software with a growing collection of more than 60,000 full-text, digital books and other authoritative content from more than 200 leading academic, STM, and professional publishers. ebrary's DCP features the ebrary ReaderT, which optimizes online viewing and navigation, and InfoToolsT, which seamlessly links search queries to multiple online databases and information on the Web.

Some of the unique benefits of ebrary's model include:
.       ACCESS to thousands of full-text titles via annual or multi-           year subscription model 
.       SIMULTANEOUS multiple-user model guarantees each            patron's access to every title 24/7 -    no turn-away, timeout, or checkout limitations
.       OPTIMIZED on-line searching including full-text, subject browse, Boolean, proximity and federated options
.       GROWING databases of high quality monograph content - new titles are added monthly at no extra cost to your library - ebrary collections grew 60% in 2004
.       IMMEDIATE user access to titles - even over remote dial-up connection
- ebrary's EDF technology delivers the PDF books to the user's desktop
quickly one page at a time 
.       LINKING via InfoToolsT allows users to instantly link to relevant information within the DCP, other databases in the library or on the Web without leaving their place of reference.  To activate InfoTools, all the user has to do is select any word or phrase, in any ebrary document.
.       FULL INTEGRATION with existing catalog systems (OPAC) and existing on-line databases through free MARC records and the customizable InfoTools menu.  
.       CUSTOMIZED research user options including Personal Bookshelf, highlights, annotations as well as copying and printing with automated source citation

Collection Subscription Options

Government Complete 

With a growing collection of more than 15,757 titles (as of 5/15/05),
Government Complete spans multiple subject areas relevant to government libraries including Business, Management & Leadership; Computers, Technology & Engineering; Government Affairs; International Relations & Military Affairs; and Science & Environmental Studies.  The premier collection also covers Architecture, Criminology, Demography, Immigration/ Emigration, Language & Communications, Medicine, Housing & Real Estate and Recreation. 

This robust collection grows continues to grow monthly at no additional cost throughout the subscription term. Last year, ebrary collections grew by more than 60%.

Subject Collections

We offer a number of different aggregated collections in single subject
areas relevant to government and military libraries. ebrary's Fixed
Collections have flat-rate pricing.

Business, Management & Leadership 
Computers, Technology & Engineering
International Relations & Military Affairs
Government Affairs
Science & Environmental Studies

Patrick E. Moore
Director of Government Sales
1122 W. 144th Place
Westminster, CO  80020
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Phone:  650-475-8787 or 303-920-1786
Cell:  303-332-2502
Fax:  303-457-0066 

James W. Oliver
FEDLINK Vendor Services Coordinator
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4935
V-(202)707-4960, F-(202)707-4955
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