The revised MODS schema version 3.1 is now available at: The Outline of elements and attributes
also reflects version 3.1

The MARC mappings will be revised shortly, although the impact on them is
limited, since the changes to the schema are fairly minor and many of the
elements added do not have MARC equivalents. There is also minimal impact
on the MARCXML to MODS stylesheet, guidelines, and examples; these will
also be revised to reflect the new schema shortly. There is no need to
convert existing 3.0 records, so there is no stylesheet for that purpose.

We have implemented the policy of also keeping the current schema in
the generic location, so when you go to:
the most current schema will always be there.

Changes from the previous version 3.0 are documented at: We have discussed them over the
last several months; many of the changes reflect a reorganization so that
the MADS schema can reference MODS.

The revision is based on input from implementors and from others who have
participated in this list. Thank you all for contributing.

For questions or comments, please email the Network Development and MARC
Standards Office at [log in to unmask]

The LC MODS Team
July 27, 2005