On 7/12/05, Leigh Dodds <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> In terms of graph complexity, I'm not aware of any limits or "scaling"
> issues.

I'm sure there is no problem modelling very complex structures in the
graph, my questions really are more about being able to pull a very
normalized record back together into one piece rapidly.

There was an article awhile back (in a lib sci journal... I can't
remember the article or journal off the top of my head but I should
look it up again) looking at the record as a document.  Since library
records are mostly read-only (infrequent updating) and we do want
access to the whole more often than to discreet units, I thought this
was an interesting approach (rather than approaching metadata more
like business data).  Anyway... I'm just rambling.

Thanks for the answer, Kevin