To add my two cents--

I too have enjoyed this mindful banter, and while I haven't had time to
read all of the responses yet (and as such, hope I don't make a point
already noted) ... I would like to point out what I think is obvious, and is
supportive of Sherman and others who wish to leave things as they currently

The purpose of the NAR is to establish a heading that is unique. It is not
intended to provide biographical information, but rather, uses biographical
information as the easiest manner by which to identify a person uniquely.

As long as an existing heading does not conflict with any other established
heading, that should be good enough. I dare say that we all have more than
enough work to keep us busy merely in attempting to keep up with new names
needing headings to not need the extra hassle of needless database

Thank you all again for the discussion. I'm enjoying it.


Kent C. Boese
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Hi All,

I've enjoyed the discussion and was almost convinced against the
proposed policy, contrary to my longstanding desire for it.  Sherman
Clarke, from Art NACO almost got me completely moved with his posting on
the PCC list.

However, I'm holding on to my support for the proposed change.  I
think, however, we could word it somewhat differently, to help
catalogers make judgments that are in line with the shared environment
in which we work.  Perhaps something like:

  Allow the optional addition of dates (birth, death or both) to
  personal name headings at will.  (LCRI 22.17 that requires all new
  to have dates added when these are readily available).  Catalogers
are urged
  to keep in mind the requisite maintenance imposed upon (potentially)
thousands of
  libraries when such changes are made.  Please keep this workload
factor in mind
  when considering the benefit of adding dates to existing headings.

Somewhat loosey-goosey, but a lot of good faith cooperation is just
that.  Overall,  I support the proposal.


Daniel CannCasciato
Head of Cataloging
Central Washington University Library
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7548
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