Ana Lupe Cristán wrote:
> ... Thus, CPSO is considering allowing the addition of all
> dates to existing headings  ...
> Allow the optional addition of dates (birth, death or both) to existing
> personal name headings at will. (LC and NACO catalogers are aware of
> LCRI 22.17 that requires all new ...

We've polled our available catalogers on several of the points raised in
this discussion.

We have unamimous support for the following ideas:
YES, add/edit dates when an existing heading contains errors of fact
(typographical errors, for example).
YES, add dates when an existing heading conflicts with another existing

We have strong support (5 YES, 1 NO) to this idea:
Accept in principle closing of birth dates with death dates to make
headings appear “correct” but not adding dates to other perfectly good

We're evenly split between NO and UNSURE for this idea:
Add death dates to a heading only when catalogers determine the name is
well known enough to be worth this kind of exceptional treatment (but not
to headings for the unfamous)

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