Perhaps another thing to think about would be to rethink the LCRI
encouraging us to ALWAYS add a date if it is known when we are
establishing a new heading  Some of the problems arise because we add
birthdates to name headings when birthdates are not needed to make the
headings unique.
If birthdates are not needed to distinguish a heading and are not added
to an established heading, death dates or closing dates would not be
needed either.

John B. Wright

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I think library management systems are not yet capable of handling date
changes easily enough for this proposal to be feasible right now.  For
example, the system we are migrating to (ExLibris Aleph) has totally
inadequate authority control capabilities and will not improve them
release 17.  Perhaps we should have this discussion again a few years
now--providing of course that LMSs  follow OCLC's lead and inaugurate a
linked authorities capability.

Meanwhile, perhaps the national libraries would take it upon themselves
close the dates of a very very few of their own prominent
Reagan or Lady Di, for example--and even fewer prominent international
persons, such as the Pope.  Perhaps PCC members could suggest names via
this list and then leave it up to the national library to act on the
suggestions or not.  Knowing how much time my staff spends on database
maintenance, I'm not sure I like this idea myself.  But I do know that
public services staff would like to see the deaths of prominent people
recorded in our headings.

Another crazy idea occurs to me: perhaps we should enter dates in a
manner no matter whether a person was born more than 100 years ago or
not--that is, enter birth dates in the form of "b. 1968".  Such a form
not look as incomplete as "1968- ".


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