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   The Cataloging Policy and Support Office recently announded that the Music Cataloging Decisions (MCDs) have been absorbed into the Library of Congress Rule Interpretations (LCRI) beginning with LCRI 2005 Update, no. 1. That Update incorporates the MCDs retrospectively, including minor modifications and deletion of obsolete decisions. Future AACR2 rule interpretations regarding music will be issued only in the LCRI series.

     The following Music Cataloging Decisions were cancelled at the time the others were merged with the Library of Congress Rule Interpretations

1.5E1 (obsolete)

5.7B20 (still valid; example moved to LCRI 1.7B20)

6.1F3 (obsolete)

6.5C3 (obsolete)

22.17 (no longer needed)

25.30B7 (sufficient guidance in LCRI 25.30B5)

25.30C4 (now in name authority records for composers)

26.4 (obsolete)

26.4D3 (obsolete)

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