RE: Proposal to allow addition of dates to personal name headings

Since it appears that the conversation is beginning to come full circle, I want to reassert my proposal that the LCRI be modified.  The option of always adding a date if it is readily available when creating a heading is the culprit which, as far as I can tell, caused the initial problem.  When dates are not needed to make a heading unique, they should not be added.  If the 1961- had been included in the 670, but left off the heading for Diana, Princess of Wales and if the 1928- had been recorded in the 670, but left off the Warhol, Andy heading, we wouldn't have to feel embarrassed about the way the catalog looks, nor would we have to explain why the dates are left open.  In both cases, the date was NOT needed to make the headings unique.

Let's please get to the root of the problem and quit hacking at the leaves!


John B. Wright