I agree with Sherman Clarke's remarks.

The British Library is currently applying resources to extending
authority control across our integrated catalogue. Our system does not
automatically propagate changes to authorised headings to our
bibliographic database, and we don't have the resources to intercept
very many of them manually. The suggestion to allow unnecessary changes
to dates would result in much greater numbers of headings being changed.
It would have a negative impact on the consistency of records we derived
from external sources, with the records already on our catalogue. This
would run counter to the improvements were are striving to make, for
users of our OPAC.

I think the proposal is an excellent idea in principle, in terms of the
information contained in headings, but I suspect that it would damage
the authority control of the catalogues of NACO participants, and users
of bibliographic and authority records. In making some headings look
"tidier", it would damage the accuracy of retrieval.    

We have used 670 notes to record extra information, when it has become


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