HI, Russ,

Thanks--hope you find it useful. FWIW, the core is a pair of LaCie
Ethernet disks that are 1/2 TB each with two FireWire Maxtor One
Touch drives on top of each. The auto backup software is ViceVersa
Pro - I do little to tweak it on a regular basis. Took a little while
to get it working just the way I wanted.

I am familiar with the Voyager gold LPs.

By the way, are you the Russ Hamm who used to work with Steve Temmer in NYC?



At 05:19 PM 8/9/2005, you wrote:
>Richard -
>I've printed out for my reference your description of the storage system
>you are using. Yes, it's all data, whether analog or digital. And a system
>like yours still needs to be tended by human beings, whereas CDs stored in
>a fortified bunker could conceivably withstand an atomic blast. But in that
>case we may have yet more serious problems, requiring leaving behind
>instructions for building a playback device (understandable even by an
>alien cultures) - much as NASA has done with the gold record riding the
>Voyager probe far beyond our solar system into deep space.
>Russ Hamm
>Ed Tech Specialist
>National School District
>San Diego, CA

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