On Thu, 11 Aug 2005, Steven C. Barr wrote:

> The question now becomes...will the advance of technology
> inspire an attempt at this ultimate database before the last
> of us silly old fools who actually care about its creation
> go to our final reward?!

While I don't know if you meant that as a serious question or not, I
believe it is a good question.

It is one of those thoughts that make me wonder about the costs of
cataloging versus the use of the material. Perhaps there isn't any
statistical model but I do wonder about the justification of the use of
the present encumbered modalities (ok, not everyone agrees with me on
that) to provide detailed cataloging information for materials of limited
interest...or does detailed cataloging information and ease of
availability increase the use enough to justify (assuming one can make
such a determination) the expense.

I wonder, how many potential researchers are there that would benefit from
the "super catalog" of all pre 1947 recordings...including airchecks, etc.
I don't mean we shouldn't make every effort to preserve...which I believe
should be the priority...but I just wonder how much detail is
appropriate...with Rigler Deutsch being an example of what for me, is a
workable minimum, done at a minimum of expense.

I wonder that if, in the not too distant future, the new cataloging of
the new stuff won't be done by the vendors who distribute, especially
online, not unlike that new deal Naxos has for online distribution.

Thoughts welcome.