Thanks for the clarification.

Someone on the list had asked about it. I downloaded it and tried it,
and didn't war to it.

Perhaps I missed something, but how do you burn CDs from Audacity?

It seems to be a competent editor, and I like the spectral display.



At 10:46 PM 8/5/2005, you wrote:
>Greetings All
>I have used Audacity for a few years now & I can't let this stand.
>Audacity creates its own working files which can amount to a lot of
>stuff.  However, if you take the trouble of "Exporting to AIFF" or
>whatever your favorite format is, you don't have to keep the junk.
>It works very well as a recorder and as an editor.  It works (on the
>Mac at least) with external USB devices (Edirol UA5 for example) and
>is quite reliable.
>It is free & does what it does well, in my opinion.  I have used
>several other programs, Bias Peak is bug riddled, my old favorite
>SoundEdit 16 no longer works and miscellaneous Shareware programs do
>not come close to Audacity's capabilities.  The one thing Audacity is
>lagging is that its VST plugin adapter simply does not work.  At
>least not with the Waves restoration bundle I have.
>On Aug 5, 2005, at 9:34 PM, Richard L. Hess wrote:
>>I looked at my backup log today and found that my trial of Audacity
>>had created (for one program) 666 13kB files in a subdirectory.
>>Samplitude is bad enough, creating two files for each WAV file and
>>creating additional WAV files to get around the 2GB limit, but for an
>>80 minute audio file to make 666 additional files? Oh well, there
>>must be a reason, maybe they're optional. I don't know, but it's
>>another nail in its coffin for me - too much to deal with. Oh, and
>>they have very descriptive names b00000.auf through b00665.auf.
>>Now, I have to go in and delete them in three places (the audio
>>machine and both NAS boxes).
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